Welcome to the Debalance Research Group webpage!

  • We have been creating reliable and efficient software for over 20 years.
  • We specialize in applications for AutoCAD and AutoCAD-like systems.
  • Our activity is aimed at developing both highly specialized software, created for a specific client, and general-purpose applications for everyday work in AutoCAD.
  • We are trusted by both individual specialists who install applications for personal use and large international corporations deploying our software on hundreds of workstations.
  • Our mission is to improve the world by writing high-quality program code, ultimately designed to solve a wide range of engineering and graphic problems of varying degrees of complexity.


AreaTester is a efficient plug-in for AutoCAD. It allows you to quickly measure the area in AutoCAD and gives you advanced capabilities to process the results of the calculations in the further workflow (annotate the the areas in the drawing, convert the received data to different spreadsheet formats, etc.).


TotalBoundary is compact but powerful app for AutoCAD and BricsCAD for professional creation of outlines of drawings of varying degrees of complexity. The created outlines can be implemented in the form of closed polylines, shapes with a solid fill or wipeout objects. Outlines are formed within the boundaries of the selected set of objects, among which there can be both elementary entities and blocks, as well as curves - ellipses and splines.


SuperBoundary is a versatile tool that allows you to create boundaries in the form of closed polylines or solid filled shapes from enclosed areas of selected set of objects. SuperBoundary easily detects all enclosed areas at once and can instantly add all their boundaries to the drawing if necessary. SuperBoundary is the superior replacement for the standard BOUNDARY command with improved and enhanced features.


TotalPurge is a comprehensive tool that allows to quickly clean up a drawing from redundant objects, as well as efficiently convert various types of objects into polylines. TotalPurge helps you easily clean up your drawing and significantly reduce its original size.